First post – New blog, New lots of things

My boyfriend/best friend Ariel and I.
My boyfriend/best friend Ariel and I.


Another first post. Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing because I tried to jump-start a blog on Blogger about a year ago and I didn’t balance my time enough to keep up with it. So far, I’m feeling much better with WordPress, but be prepared, readers, to see the layout of this blog change a lot as I experiment.

A little bit about me. Let’s see, I’m 19 years old, and in my second year in college. I’m currently at a community college preparing to eventually transfer to a university to major in Journalism. At Grand Rapids Community College, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the student-run newspaper, The Collegiate. I also market The Buzz at GRCC, a news app partnered with The Collegiate and USA Today. Finally, I serve nights at a local bistro. In my free time, if I have any, I like to make things, take photos, sing, read and spend time with my boyfriend and family.

Why make another blog? I’m trying people! Seriously though, I want to make this a regular activity – whether I have something to talk about or not. I love writing and blogging, so why not? It needs to become apart of my lifestyle and I’m more determined this time.

Tonight I’m inspired by a local upcoming music artist, Garrett Borns or “BORNS,” of Grand Haven, who I found on the top U.S. charts, who also attended GRCC in the last couple years. I’m listening to his music as I make lip balm tonight.

Nice job, Borns. You used a natural talent, and at 23 years old, you’ve reached a point many people only dream of. Keep the fuel a-burnin’.

First post – New blog, New lots of things

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